Lindsay Lohan Fucked Up Again...

Lindsay!!!  What the hell are you doing, girlfriend?!?!  You are like two weeks and fuck all from graduating from shitfaced university and you had to go and screw the pooch again???

Tsk, tsk...'sa shame...'sa damn shame ya filthy poochscrewer...

Here's the dealio >

Lindsay Blohan has done shit herself again in public - ho hit someone and ran!  HIT AND RUN!!!  That's like beating the crap outta a nun in Jesus' eyes!

Blohan was going to get her club on say happy birthday to a friend AT A BOOZE-SERVING CLUB when she suffered a gnarly coke flashback from all the paparazzi circling her ride (allegedly).  She flipped out and decided against publicly fucking herself up the ass saying happy birthday to her friend and backed out of the parking lot.

That's when it happened...

LiLo GRAZED the goddamn knee of a club manager with her porsche!

Will she ever stop being so bad?

Anywho, the tale goes that dude was scraped up and though he didn't originally plan on suing (he didn't know who Lindsay was lol) once he figured out he got grazed by a golden cash cow he dialed up his lawyer ASAP!  And he went to the hospital - natch!

I ain't buying that guy was all fuckered from the H and R.  A witness said that right after he was "nudged" by the sports car he started smoking a hookah...

How funny is that shit?  Never ends...

PS - smoking hookahs is sooo bad for you > check it > LINK.

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