The Kony 2012 Dude Flipped Out! - VIDEO

I gotta say, this was a little unexpected...

Jason Russell, the head guy who co-founded the questionable (yet impressively viral)  Invisible Children, freaked the fuck out the other day in the streets of San Diego!  Dude snapped!  Snapped like a shady ass twig!

Originally it was reported that the popo busted him nekkid, drunk and whacking off in the middle of the street...the whole mess started around 11:30 two days ago.  Sources later confirmed that he was indeed in the middle of an intersection, where he started to get into various states of undress, finally he started making rude gestures with his peen.  Fun fact - he wears a "speedo-like" underwear.

His partner in crime, the CEO of Invisible Children, put out the following statement, "He is now receiving medical care and is focused on getting better.  The past two weeks have taken a severe emotional toll on us, Jason especially, and that toll manifested itself into in an unfortunate incident yesterday."  They insist he was not under the influence of anything.

Russell is being held on a 5150 (or "the Britney" as I like to call it) and apparently will not be charged with whipping his dick out in the intersection of Shitfaced and StressedOut.

I have no idea why but I do have a video!!!  YAY ME!!!

Peep this >

Crazy huh?  Though I appreciate his cause, this guy is all sorts of shady...  #stopkony

Image Via www.reason.com

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