Kim Zolciak's New Single is as Whack as I Thought it was Gonna Be - AUDIO

You know, it's weird.  I don't want to listen to Kim Zolciak sing about Google or see Simon VanKempen girating around on WWHL but I hit that play button EVERY SINGLE TIME!  Must be something wrong with my noodle or something...

Well, guess who just hit play on the newest ear plug seller out of the gate for Kim Z from Bravo's Real Housewives of Atlanta?  DAMMIT!  It really is a sickness!

The track is called Love Me First and if you were a fan of Tardy for the Party then you won't be a fan of this!  She doesn't sound auto-tuned to shit which is usually a compliment - it isn't in this case though.  Bitch be warbling away to some generic ass cruise ship music...

Yikes!  Should stick to gold digging and annoying that asshole moose Nene!  At least you're kind of good at that.

Image Via www.popwatch.ew.com

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