L&S Lists Brad's FEARS for Shiloh!

Life & Style magazine has gone and reported this little gem of bullshittery about Papa Pitt being all sorts of worried about Shiloh's short hair length and the fact that she plays with dinosaurs.

Yeah, that's what's up lol.

The mag says that Shiloh's hair is shorter than ever (GASP!) and that she has traded in her "dolls for dinosaurs" which is pretty much a passive aggressive way of insinuating that Brad would shit bricks if Shiloh pulled a Chaz Bono.  

A "friend of Angie's" has chosen L&S to confide in about Angelina and Brad's possibly gay daughter and how he would react.  They say that, "It would crush Brad if one of his kids was picked on."  A random nosy bitch who saw Angelina and Shiloh at a market said she even thought it was one of the Pitt-Jolie boys.  Yeah, like Angelina got her shopping on at a market with the Chosen One.  She has people who have people for that!  Ass.

I find it hard to believe that he cares if her hair is short.  Shit!  I rocked a bowl cut for the better part of my childhood and playing with Castle Grayskull was my jam!  I (questionably) turned out just fine.  Girls toys sucked - prob still do.

Oh and if Brad really didn't want his kids to be made fun of he should've rethought that Benjamin Button crap.

Just sayin'.

Image Via www.lifeandstylemag.com

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