The Jersey Shore Whores Minus Their Make-Up - PICS

Ah!  The Jersey Shore!  Home of boardwalks, bitches and boozing - more infamously the summer home of Snooki and her DTF crew.  Check out these pics of the most famous guidettes in the world sans that godawful drag queen make-up they slather their mugs with.

Peep this >

First up, we have JWoww and her huge breasts (not pictured.)  Miss Farley has my fave personality however is surprisingly not the hottest without her make-up.  She's rockin' a bit of a Joker-look...not so sure what that's all about...  Scoreboard Sezzz - 6/10!

Now we have Other Snooki aka Deena Cortese.  This disgusting half of that disgusting Team Meatball (seriously ladies, I'll admit it's pretty funny but makes chicks look just sooo bad!) is all about altering her looks with shit.  Extensions, contacts, eyelashes - homegirl is all sorts of fake when she's dancing her panties off.  She looks A LOT better without make-up - Scoreboard Sezzz - 8/10!

Ah!  The boring one...I don't even think that I've heard her speak this season when she wasn't in interview.  Don't matter - she never really said anything too interesting when she did speak.  Remember this shit?  >  RAHNNN!  YER TORTURIN' MAAEEE!  RAHN - STOPPP, RAHN!  Ugh!  That's enough outta you, Sammi!  Anyways, chick looks way better without make-up - holy freakin' supermodel!  Damn!  Scoreboard Sezzz - 10/10   

And finally, Snooki without her face on is cuuutteee!  I don't know who the asshat is who told her she looks better with all that crap on her face is but they are a blind ass idiot!  Snooks should rock this look way more often...She's all, No big deal, just puckering up looking like Nicole Scherzinger up in this bitch.  WERK!  Scoreboard Sezzz > 10/10  

Title Image Via www.newyorkmag.com
Post Images Via www.toofab.com

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  1. MY EYES! ugly as an elephant's ass