K-Fed Was All Jacked Up Again...

Hot damn!  I'm no doctor, but this guy may need some serious nutritional counseling, man!  Dude's 33 and he's got all sorts of health problems!  Shit is cray!  CRAY!!!

For the second time in less than 10 weeks, professional weight loss topic K-Fed, has had health probs on the set of Australia's rip off of Celebrity Fit Club, Excess Baggage.  He collapsed in ep one from heat exhaustion (which BTW I totally get, it's like 100 fucking degrees down under!  That's some hot ass shit!)  This time his heart was going apeshit so as a precautionary measure he was taken to the hospital.  Aside from the rapid heart beat he was complaining about chest pains...

Maybe his heart is broken from BRITNEY!!!  AW!!!

A heart attack was ruled out but guy should still probably lay off the Cheetos.  He's got five damn kids!

Won't somebody think of the kids!!!???!!!

Seriously, dude.  No more Cheetos.

Image Via www.dlisted.com

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