28 YO Ho Banned From Every Club in Town for Dressing Like Ho

Oh shiz!  They can do that???  BLIMEY!

Meet Lisa Woodman.  Lisa is a young, fine lookin' woman who just wants to rock this shit (below) every day to the club.

The young mother of four doesn't get what the freakin' problem is with her demure choice of club wear TITTAY!!! and why the hell she can't get into the 3 hotspots in her small town of Worcester - Mode, Tramps and Velvet.

Hahaha!  I'm not typing another goddamn THING about this chick until I point out the fact that she got banned from a place called TRAMPS!  Much like I imagine she is (oooh, burn) - That's just too damn easy.  

They tell her she's "too old" to be rockin' the slut look but she insists that her 36DDs should be allowed to wear whatever the fuck they want.

I gotta say, I'm kind of on this chicks side here.  28 isn't that old!  I'm fucking 31!  She isn't banned from the pubs in town, just the nightclubs.  One of the club owners said they expect women to dress "smart casual."

Woodman says the young girls wear much more revealing outfits and have no problems.

She remains furious about the matter lol.

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  1. I would date her very hard from behind