Demi Moore is Going to Rehab for Exhaustion - UPDATED: Homey was Doing Whip Its!

Demi Moore is sleepy, y'all!     

She's prob pretty tired of being so goddamn skinny!  Man!  If I were her I'd be all, Get me a sandwich, you common bitches!  And make it from the testicles of 12 men!!!  

For realz though - Malnourishment could be part of the reason she's soooo tired (just speculating)...

Anyways, according to her rep - because she's so whacked out on wine sleepy all the time she's checked into a facility (*cough* rehab) to get some allegedly much needed ZZZs for a while.

TMZ however spins a pretty different story and says that the cougar has substance abuse problems that she is now seeking help with.  I'll cop to the fact that right now I'm thinkin' this just screams BOOZE!  Word on the street a while back was that she fell off the hooch wagon onto a pile of Kabbalah wine but I figured since Kelso went all Charlie Sheen on her, we should all chill the fuck out and let her have a few BlueBallTinis.  I didn't see all the Immadrunkydrunk signs though!!!  My bad.

She was admitted on Tuesday to a rehab facility who specializes in helping super-tired people kick that nasty habit of feeling sleepy.

Best of luck!  Get some ZZZs, girlfriend!

UPDATED 25/01/12:  Oh snap!  TMZ is now reporting that homegirl was doing freakin' Whip-its!  You know that thing that trailer trash and tweens do to get their buzz on by sucking the nitrous oxide out of a can of whipped cream???   It was the reaction to inhaling it (and when common sense stepped the fuck in) that prompted her to be hospitalized.  Damn, girl!  That's whack.


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  1. She IS worn out. From carrying those neck muscles, that fake tooth, and if she still has the same pubes as 1980, we are talking back problems to boot.