Teen Mom Update - Ryan Edwards Is Nekkid And Kieffer Delp is Stealing Meat

And you thought the "ladies" of Teen Mom were having all the drama fun!

Let's start off with Ryan Edwards and his fine ass pulling an Anthony Weiner.  This fool (aka Maci Bookout's hot but stupid baby daddy who called her current beau "slow" a couple of eps ago) decided to send some NSFW pics to one of his bizzatches on Facebook and she, in turn, decided to show OK Magazine his peen.  Natch!

According to the mag, 20-year-old Shanley Urbanski provided them with three pics.  The mag says, "In the first one, the Teen Mom star stands shirtless in denim shorts, showing his eagle tattoo on the left side of his chest while photographing himself in a mirror. In the next, Ryan is still shirtless, but his yellow-and-black-plaid boxer shorts are revealed. The third photo is a nude close-up."

That's some pretty sexy shit!!!  Lol.

Urbanski says, "If it was another guy, I would have thought it’s gross.  But since it was him, I was happy. I told my friend, ‘It’s Ryan from Teen Mom!’" Apparently Ryan also asked her to Skype him and touch herself in a sexual way asking her to so things she's "not comfortable with."  ACK!  TMI woman!

Maci is allegedly embarrassed to all hell and rumors are now flying that he's a big man whore.

Now let's move on to douchebag Kieffer Delp - he's not a baby daddy but he dated Teen Mom supercriminal Jenelle Evans and has spent most of the last couple of years riding couches and taking mug shots.  The on again, off again, on again, off again love of her life is in trouble again and was just cited for pulling a Hamburglar and concealing two steaks in an attempt to steal them from The Food Lion supermarket.  He put them in his pants...I now call him Steakpants McDumbass!  I suggest you all do the same... 

I don't know if that's sad or desperate or lame - but I'm pretty sure it's damn funny!  On one hand I feel bad he has to steal food to eat but on the other hand don't be such a loser, dude!  Like, at least try to contain the fuckery!  Christ! 

He is due in court on September 12th for the offense.

That's all I got for now - Hamburglars and nude close-ups.  I think that's more than enough.

Image 1 Via www.teenmomjunkies.com
Image 2 Via www.myspace.com

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