This Poopy Bastard has Turded on 19 Cars in 2 Years - Police Hunt Ensues

Turd alert, people!

Some DISGUSTING idiot with too much GD free time on his hands is ripping around Ohio dropping mad poop piles on other people's cars.

Really dude, really?

His turds have defiled nearly 20 cars in 2 years but the poopoo popo just recently got a break when one of his repeat victims taped his yucky ass taking a dump FOR THE 6TH TIME on his hoopty (pic above).

Lol Ain't that about a bitch!

"We got a sicko on our hands and I was determined at that point to catch him. Then we found out that this happened to a lot of our neighbors. This guy needs help. Big time. We have to put a stop to it."

Fucking word to big bird... 

The poopatrator perpetrator sometimes doesn't just shit all over cars but has, at times, left a "gift" for the driver INSIDE the vehicle (so effing wrong) and other times has smeared his crap "all over the windows," (equally as effing wrong.) 

"Other neighbors report finding smeared poop on everything from outdoor toys to slides" and "Many items have had to be thrown away after being soiled with waste."

Well yeah!  And B T Dubs it's a real DICK MOVE to shit all over little kids toys!  The fuck does that?  Not cool, bro.  Not cool.  

Keep yo' ass in yo' pants and your poops to yourself!  You think this is a game, son?!?!

Image Via www.thedailymail.co.uk Co Akron Police

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