This Guy Got Busted Trying to Have Sex with a Horse on Craigslist

Fucking Craigslist...

22 year old Donald Waelde (doesn't he look like Blossom!?!) was just hanging around thinking about how awesome it would be to bang a horse when he got the brilliant idea to post an ad on Craigslist advertising his horse banging needs.


He stated in the ad that he wanted to "play with a horse" and offered to "do something in return" if he could have access to one.  It was posted in the missed connections section.

Something's missing all right...

The Phoenix resident (I know it's weird it's not Florida, right?) was coooold busted when an undercover cop answered the ad.  

When the popo spoke with Waelde he went into detail about what he was going to do to the poor horsey and apparently it was nefarious enough for the cops to make plans to meet up.  They nabbed his pervy ass and a search warrant has been executed for his home to see if he was up to any other DISGUSTING shenanigans.

Bestiality has been illegal in Arizona since 2006 which is a little too recent for my tastes but nonetheless - no horse fucking allowed!

Go get your life together buddy...and stay off that goddamn Craigslist!

Image Via www.azfamily.com

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