Did Dean McDermott Finally Admit to Cheating On Donna Martin?


Radar Online - which is about as accurate as a blind tour guide - says so.  The site alleges that he's been with five other women (which in guy speak means 15) and that he finally told Tori about his scumbag ways.

But aye, here's the rub!

According to Radar he not only boned these randoms on the road while traveling he did it friggin' rawback!  Ugh!  Whatever happened to no glove no love, ladies?!?!

Wrap that shit up!

But I digress...

The Chopped Canada host (barf - I won't even watch it because of that and I'm fucking Canadian!) apparently seduced random women while he was traveling for work.  He would meet them and hook up with them pretty quickly, always making sure to tell them how much Tori sucks at putting out.

Apparently, he told one of the women he was in a "sexless marriage" and another that "I love [Tori], I love my wife, she just won't have sex with me."

What a guy!  Shout out to Candy for keeping that money safe!  I thought she was just being a greedy bitch.  My bad.

Dean has been going to therapy or rehab or something (he's had multiple spottings at an LA rehab center in the last month) and allegedly that's what prompted him to get all Truthy McMayHaveSTDS.

Sources say Tori is heartbroken that the guy who cheated with her and left his wife for her is stepping out again.  I don't know if she's putting out or not but I DO know she is a BAD actress with messed up tittays and a bit of an attitude problem.  Marrying her was probably not his best idea...

There's a line in She-Devil when Roseanne voice overs "She's learning that men that burn so hot for a mistress cool off fast when the mistress starts acting like a wife."

That's a good tip, ladies.  Write that down.

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