Kanye West Is Being a Lil' Bitch Again - Goes After Jimmy Kimmel

Jerk alert!

Last night on twitter, Kanye Kardashian West completely lost his shit on Jimmy Kimmel and it got uglier than Kris Jenner's black, fame seeking soul!  It started when Kimmel spoofed one of Ye's trademark cray cray interviews with one of his hilar kid parodies.

No biggie right?  Being a celeb (and more distinctively an asshole celeb who knocked up the porn princess of Kardashianland) comes with this sort of thing - you suck it up and move on.  But 'Ye?  Not so much...

The infamous paparazzi puncher saw the video, decided he wasn't seen as a big enough douchelord and flipped the fuck out.

Lol - That's a funny one, right? #PointsForHashtagsOnThatOneJerkoff

And then that was it.  That was all.  His childish twitter rant was over and he went to hang out with Kimmy Cakes or something so they could sit around talking about how awesome they think they are.

Thing is, Kimmel's show is live - and it came on about an hour after the tweet vomiting began.  ADVANTAGE JIMMY!  YAAAAY! >

Bahahaha!  What a dickhead!  "I'm Pac!"???

Bitch!  You keep Pac's name out'cher fumbly mumbly mouth!  You're a Kardashian at best and that ain't exactly something to brag about.

Some say it's just another one of those Kimmel hoaxes BUT as someone who spends entirely too much time reading useless celebucrap, I gotta say, it seems pretty legit to me.

Bottom line >  Kanye needs to put his big boy panties on and chill out.  Or stay the fuck off twitter.  I'd be good with either one.

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