Photo Gallery!!! How to Shame Your Pet on the Internet

Ah!  The internet!  Something we should totally be using to better ourselves but instead use to watch monkeys eat their own poopoo.

But hey, I get it.  I like to laugh...I like to boogie...

Who wants to read about the fall of mankind when we can watch Kate Upton do the cat daddy or see puppies being so cute you gotta call animal control to control the cuteness?  (They can't even, yo!)

Well!  I was using the net the other day to find funny pics to post to my Pinterest so I can feel good about myself when I get repinned by strangers when I came across a plethora of pics of pets being shamed by their owners for misbehaving.

Who knew shaming animals online could be so funny?

Images 1-6 Via www.widk.com
Images 7-12 Via www.google.com

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