Kim Kardashian is now Kanye West's "Baby Mama"

Ugh!  Is it me, or does this just SCREAM devilbaby!?!

(No offence to Beelzebub...)

Kanye West (who I'm sorry but I get a TOTAL gay vibe from!) has knocked up his stupid woman of about 8 months, Kris Humphries' wife - Kim Kardashian.

Girl was rawdoggin' it!

'Ye announced this fame fuckery the other night at one of his concerts calling Kim his "baby mama" (lol) before everyone went apeshit because young people are idiots.

Holla we want prenup, yo!

I'm not too sure who's got the most money or fame in this circus but I DO know that those two things are so important to these two dipshits that - Newsflash bitches! - a baby would only serve to hinder any quest to take over the tabloid world.

Can't be hittin' red carpets with a baby on your hip, woman!  And god help them if I see a baby in the background of their inevitable future sex tape!  I will call CPS soooo fast they won't know what him them in Kim's big, fat ass!

Not even joking.

Image Via www.glabalgrind.com

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