High School Kid in London Ontario Sneaks His Balls Into Yearbook Pic

Love, Spirit, Strength, Dreams...and BALLS!


Over in London Ont. (Near where I grew up! Holla!) some young Canuck Catholic School whippersnapper thought it'd be pretty freakin' BALLTASTIC if during a yearbook pic he whipped his Jesus-lovin' nuts outta of his pants and showed them off to God and Baby Jesus and everyone he went to school with!

Boom!  And what?

No one noticed that someones testicles were hanging out in a group pic until after the school had already printed and distributed all of the yearbooks save for some.  A spokesman claimed that the balls were tiny in the pic (ouch!) so they mistakenly overlooked the error and they're sorry > 

"The picture in the yearbook is a very small one and easily overlooked...But the school and the administration are very sorry that it happened."

They are offering students a photo-shopped non-testicle having sticker to place over the picture and mailed out an apology letter to parents who are too uptight to realize funny just smacked them in their faces with nothing but a scrotum and a smirk.

Jazz balls hands!  #Showmanship

The school said it was working to come up with "an appropriate punishment" but dude's graduated?!?  What are they gonna do, charge him with being stupidly awesome and a little bit of a pervert?

Bitch please!  Everyone needs to chill the fuck out - teenagers buy high school yearbooks, not octogenarians or anything - and unless they're blind, they've seen balls before!  Shiiiit - what with the internet - they've seen more balls than we could ever even dream of!  Suck on that one, mommy and daddy.

Note: While posting this I ran out of synonyms for balls.  

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