Celebrity Apprentice All Stars - Gary Busey is Back!

Birth certificate fanatic Donald Trump has announced the new "All Star"cast of his precious Apprentice and it looks like GARY BUSEY IS BAAAAAACK!!!


Over on the Today show (I was watching GMA because, Hello! It's apparently something called Melrose Monday and I never miss a chance where I might see that clip of Dr. Kimberly Shaw whipping that damn wig off) Trump made the announcement and the list includes:

Bret Michaels - The only past winner on - Doesn't seem fair to me because he already got his but I'll play along.  I just watched some reruns of his slut bus show and it was...different.  (On one ep I saw a chick do a crotch shot! A fucking crotch shot!  If you don't know what that is consider yourself lucky.) 
Country music star Trace Adkins - Country singer = Don't give a shit.
Comedian Penn Jillette - He's a little douchey but I used to be a pretty big fan of that titty show, Bullshit! he was on with his little Silent Bob there, Teller.
Marilu Henner - Chick from Taxi which was pretty awesome...about 40 damn years ago!
Stephen Baldwin - He's a Baldwin...and you wanna know what sucks about being a Baldwin?  Nothing!
Lisa Rinna - Ahhh!  Of Melrose fame - she played this crazy Taylor bitch and used those huge lips of hers to go at it with the lovely yet complex Amanda Woodward. 
Gary Busey - RECOGNIZE!  I love Gary!  He reminds me of a golden retriever or something...all well-meaning and fluffy.  As long as his charity isn't some crazy made up one, I hope he wins.
Dennis Rodman - Basketball Player, banged Madonna, has some cool tats.  He's fiery so I could see him and our next All Star getting into it >
Lil Jon - I liked him when he was on the show before.  He was all chummy with other John (John Rich - the country singer who won season 11) and together they melted my heart with their ebony and ivory vibe. 
Dee Snider - Dee kind of made an ass out of himself on his previous season but we'll see how this run at it goes...at least Debbie Gibson isn't around trying to make him sing fucking show tunes with Clay Aiken.  I NEVER want to see that again.
Claudia Jordan - She held briefcase number one on that stupid briefcase show Deal or No Deal...Bleh.
La Toya Jackson - Traaaainwreck!  I still laugh when I think of that moose bitch Nene calling her Casper though.  Points for that! 
Playmate of the Year Brande Roderick - allegedly she was on season 2 of the Apprentice but I don't remember her at all.  Trump is all Biggie Smalls though in his head I think!  "Life ain't nothin' but bitches and money" and all that...   
Omarosa Manigault - Ack!  Dickhead alert!  Dickhead alert!  Though I totally feel bad that she just lost her fiance (epic actor Michael Clarke Duncan) she's still an asshole.  It's kind of weird she's going on the program so soon after his passing but maybe it'll help her move on.

The Trumpster told the AP, "They're all very smart, and I think they learned a lot from their last go-around...This time, some of them will change their game to fool their rivals - some for better, some for worse." 

The winner will collect $250,000 to donate to his or her chosen charity.

Oh and I just had to do this, man > MELROSE MONDAAAAY, BITCHES!

Stupid Michael Mancini!

Image Via www.usatoday.com

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