This American Guy Is Pissed Canada Doesn't Like Guns

I thought this was kind of interesting...

Walt Wawra is a Michigan cop who was visiting Nose Hill Park in Calgary one day when he came across a "situation" that made him feel unsafe.  He wasn't carrying his off-duty gun because he was in Canada, but he insists he most definitely should have been because scary shit like this can happen >

Basically, he was approached at the park (while with his wife) by two men who asked in "an aggressive tone" if they'd, "Been to the stampede yet?"

Instead of answering them (not sure why he wouldn't) he ignored them and they had the fucking nerve to repeat the question.  He said that he told them, "Gentle-men, I have no need to talk with you, goodbye" and walked past them leaving them looking "bewildered."  I gotta admit, that would confuse the hell outta me!  

Wawra speculates that they did not have good intentions when they asked him a question and could've pulled a weapon at any moment.  He even thanked the Lord Jesus that they didn't!  Well, Hallelujah!  

Generally he felt unsafe that he did not have his off-duty gun to protect him and his wife with and says that in Canada we only let criminals and cops carry guns which is wrong to him.

Here's the OpEd that was in the Calgary Herald >  LINK.  (It's copyrighted so I didn't want to post the body here.)  I'll leave it up to y'all to judge for yourself.  In my opinion, they asked a question!  Chill the fuck out...

PS - the newspaper had to release a statement saying it was not a joke because so many people wrote in calling BS.  Wawra maintains that despite all the negative attention, he doesn't regret writing it.  He reiterated his "point" to CBC news that, "What concerned me is two young men just approached us and stopped us, stopping us by being in our path, and [began] talking to us without even being welcome to talk to us. They just took it upon themselves to yell at us."     

Up in here we do tend to talk to each other from time to time without being welcomed...I honestly didn't realize it was so threatening to do that.  Maybe we should try harder to ignore each other if that makes people feel safer...

I don't think so, but maybe.  

Image Via www.cbc.ca

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