OctoMom's First Single "Sexy Party" OctoSucks - AUDIO

Soooo, we just over making good music anymore or what?

Part of me blames asshats who rely more on shock and vadge pics than talent like a certain Miss Lady Gaga but part of me also blames my beloved reality TV for making people think that auto-tuning their voice to some shitty club-thumping background crapola is a song.

It's a real mixed bag of WTF emotions...

Anyways OctoMom's not anticipated at all first track has hit TMZ and it's as bad as you think it's going to be -

Maybe worse.

For realz, if this is her idea of a "sexy party" she can party her self-pleasuring ass off alone...(UGH! Bitch's O Face is like, burrrned into my brain - NOT COOL!)

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