Amanda Bynes Hit Another Car...

Some people just shouldn't drive, man!

In the fourth hit and run/DUI incident since goddamn May, Amanda Bynes is in hot water again for her questionable steering skills after she allegedly hit another car and left the scene.  Her DUI this past April was made even more stupid and infamous after she tweeted Obama to FIRE the local cop who had the nerve to arrest her when she hit his car all hooched up.

In this case, a police report was filed a few days ago by Kisa (last name withheld) in LA stating that she was struck by a woman in a black BMW.  She says she didn't recognize the woman at first because she "looked like a hot mess" lol BUUURN! but that eventually she realized it was Amanda Bynes.

Kisa says tried to exchange information but Bynes "seemed nervous about that."  Allegedly Bynes told her the damage to her car didn't look "that bad" and tried to push her bumper back in.

When Kisa continued to try to exchange insurance info - she took off.

Bynes has always maintained that she doesn't drink and/or run into shit and drive away but it's just too coincidental at this point!  Fool me once, shame on you...

With these numbers, it's like totally just a matter of time until her and LiLo slam into each other on the freeway.

Both of y'all need to get a fucking bus pass...

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