TomKat Settled their Divorce and is Playing Nice Now

But all those media jerks said this shit was going to court!


I bet it was gonna be a hot mess of Scientology and Dawson's Creek secrets too!  FUCK!  

When Joey Potter pulled the great escape and cruised away one day with Suri when Tom was out of town making Cock Rock of Ages, I bet she didn't think it'd be this easy...But while she was picturing dudes in bubble wrap following her around Hollywood in SUVs and shit all Tom was apparently doing was getting stellar negotiations ready.    

Earlier today, TMZ (who are not liars - Harvey's no joke) reported that TomKat have come to a settlement agreement in regards to their divorce.  Apparently, the main sticking issue had been Tommy Boy's access to she who is named Princess Xenu Suri.

Both lawyers seemed pleased in statements.

She was too tall for his ass anyway!

Still no sign of Pacey... :(

Image Via www.askamydaily.com

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