Kris Humphries Knocked Up his Rebound

Is it just me or is this guy just a TOTAL duh-de-duuuh???

I always used to picture him asking his short-lived wife Kim in a doughhead voice, "Kim, duhhhh, why's Kanye here again?"  Ya know?

Well, his duh-de-duh ass accidentally knocked up his rebound!  Whoopsie!

To me though, this just reeks of crazy bitch syndrome though.  One of the symptoms of crazy bitch syndrome is getting pregnant on purpose - ta daaaaa!  Don't even TRY and tell me a fucking adult woman doesn't know how not to get preggers...I wouldn't believe ya if your tongue were notarized.

The chick's name is Myla Sinanaj and she loves her unborn baby so much that she sold the story to TMZ before telling Kris.  She seems like a real treat...

We'll see how things shake down - she just promised to post a vid on her twitter to clear things up but it's taking her a while to get her shit together.

Story developing...

Title Image Via www.poponthepop.com
Post Image Via www.hollywoodlife.com

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