Married Tortoises Divorce After 115 Year Marriage

Turtles get married???

You bet your non-shell covered ass they do because these hot bitches Bibi and Poldi have been married for 115 years.  Sad part is, now they cannot stand the goddamn sight of each other - so they are divorcing...


The zookeepers at the Austrian zoo where they lived tried everything to save the marriage - They tried games, aphrodisiacs and even marriage counseling.


Aphrodisiacs and marriage counseling???  Where am I?  Is this a dream???  Splinter???

They knew it was over when Poldi kept biting her hubby, Bibi on the back...

Girl wanted out.  It happens.

I'm pretty impressed they made it that long though!  I wouldn't even want to hang out with myself after 115 years!  Gah!

Image Via www.shine.yahoo.com

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