Drunk Driver Bails Into Golf Course...Blames Sober GPS

Patricia Maione has been arrested (though she sloppily insists wrongfully) for driving her car shitfaced into a golf course sand trap in Uxbridge, Mass.  [Insert obligatory 'chicks can't drive' joke HERE.]

Several golfers were playing at the time!  FOUR!

Maione insists that her GPS had instructed her to turn left into a "cornfield" which she did (it was the golf course though), and she says once she was in the "cornfield" she had to keep driving to get out of the "cornfield."  Thus, her drunk ass ended up in a sand bunker...


Either way, she effed up the course pretty good and was arrested when cops arrived to her looking all loopy and smelling like my 20s.  She also had a Burger King cup in her cup holder with some hooch in it.  Maione copped to the fact that she had chug-a-lugged a half liter of vodka before heading out to the cornfield or whatever the fuck she was doing and is now awaiting court.

She has two other pending cases - one involves drugs and the other violence.

At the scene officers reported that she kept telling them that she "didn't even like golf..."

Lol - Ooookay.  No word on how she feels about corn.

The GPS maintains its innocence.

Image Via www.telegram.com

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