Amanda Bynes Charged with DUI - Reaches out to Obama on Twitter

Yesterday, Lindsay Lohan wannabe Amanda Bynes was officially charged with DUI for swiping that cop car all hooched up about a month ago and taking off but, like any good little criminal child celeb, she ain't going quietly!

Bynes, who claims she doesn't even drink, sent out the following tweet in her defense saying:

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Now, this stupid nonsense tweet might've made some sense if you were hammered but the thing is, generally, people don't get charged with this shit unless their bony Disney ass is guilty of it.  Props for just straight up denying it though lol - pretty lame since there's evidence and witnesses - but like I always say, "Admit nothing, deny everything and when possible, make counter accusations."

I think I heard a politician say that once or something...  ;)

Anywho, Amanda doesn't want to take responsibility for being a dangerous ass driver (she has a bit of a history of running into shit) so she reached out to the big honcho, Barack Obama with this plea for help:

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Lol - Duuuuude!  Use your fucking head before you tweet dumb crap!  BUT *whispering* I think she may have been drunk when she sent that...shhhh.  (She doesn't want anyone to know.)

Since Obama could prob give two fucks about Amanda Bynes I doubt he'll respond (dude has bigger fish to fry) and I kind of hope, if anything, he blocked her drunk driving ass for even having the gall to tweet him about firing a local cop.

I certainly did.

Image Via www.jezebel.com

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