Snooki is Not Staying in the Shore House and The Sitch is Having a Hard Time Post-Rehab - VIDEO

But she will be on the show!

That's right, that little nugget of disgustingness is staying elsewhere when season 6 starts filming.  Snooks and her possibly already tan fetus will take up residence in a private home nearby.  The future porn star said that she doesn't want to be around a bunch of loudass drunks during pregnancy...

She admitted she was 3 months knocked up in February so by my math (shout out Mr. Duncan!) she's due around August - filming for the show takes place in the summer so expect her to be poppin' right outta her skanky tops.

The next season also marks the first sober season for most-hated, mega douche on the show, The Situation. Here's a brand new video of him talking about rehab BTW > (Only available in the U.S.) Sorry Canucks for some reason MTV doesn't post videos for us aside from episodes of shows.

Enjoy this season ya trashbags and save up your benjamins, yo!  Cuz' I think this shit is pretty much over!  Actually, what am I talking about?  My ass knows it's over. ;)

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