Man Protests All-You-Can-Eat Restaurant for Not Letting Him Eat All He Could

Man!  We really are just a bunch of fat bastards aren't we?

In today's People are Jackasses news, we have Bill Wisth.  Bill is just a normal fat dude who thinks he got totally screwed over trying to get his eat on at a local Chuck's Place eatery in Wisconsin when the all-you-can-eat restaurant did the unthinkable...

After chowing down 12 pieces of fish, they told his fat ass that they were running out of food and he needed to chill the fuck out on the grindage!

Oh snap!  They also say that they know him as a "problem customer" from the past.  Double snap!

My pop's is a big dude.  We even call him Big Bill due to his massive gut...So I get it - I've had my little hand smacked away from the "big pork chop" MANY a time!  Some people simply just DON'T fuck around when it comes to food...it's best to just let those guys eat - it really is.

Anywho, these foodless bitches at Chuck's Place were all here's 8 pieces of fish for you to take home please take that shit and leave and then...

That chunky motherfucker took the fish, came back two days later and started a goddamn protest!

LOL - BURN!  Triple snap and all that!

This Big Bill says he won't end his protest (he only does it every Sunday with his sad little cardboard sign mind you) until the restaurant "rethinks their position on the argument."

You know, I appreciate his gumption - I can't STAND apathy - but sometimes it's okay to walk away after eating six portions of fish lol -


Image Via www.cbc.ca

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