Everyone Needs to Stop Dicking Around and Just Let Brandi Glanville Be a Real Housewife

Am I right???

I'll admit that I don't totally know what's going on here because these damn rag mags have me so confused I don't know whether to scratch my watch or wind my ass but Imma try to make some sort of sense out of this Brandi Glanville fuckery because frankly, it's sort of my thing...

Here's the dealio...

Brandi Glanville, who in my opinion is the best thing to happen to the Housewives since cuckoo Kelly Killoren got KKB canned, was made a full-time housewife for the third season (this was according to RadarOnline).

So, I was all YAY and shit, right?  But THEN Radar posted some crap yesterday about her being effed over by Eddie and that bikini-clad, twitter-obsessed LeAnn Cibrian!!!


Radar now says that Eddie and Bikini Body were adamant that the kids not appear on the show (Brandi and Eddie have two sons) - when Brandi was forced to tell Bravo execs about Eddie and Bikini Body's non-story-line friendly decision, they cut her ass back down to B player with Thinshot enthusiast Dana "makes me wanna barf" Wilkey.

Here's my thing...

A while ago Radar was acquired by shitmag Star.  Since then it's just Star magazine wrapped up in a RadarOnline bow...thus, it's ALWAYS complete bullshit now.

Brandi took to twitter to spank them and wrote this:

I hope so!  I want more Brandi (and while I'm throwing that out there I could also do with a little less Shana Taylor - it's creepin' me out, man!  Seriously!)


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  1. You can tell the quotes given to ROL were from Leann. "Leann and Eddie don't want the kids on TV" or some such fiddle faddle. Leann has NO SAY about those kids! They are Brandi's kids!

    1. Haha I was thinking that about LeAnn...wouldn't surprise me. Thanks for commenting.