This is What The U.S. Government is Feeding Your Kids For Lunch


Turns out, the pink slime that McDonald's won't even use has been gobbled up (en masse mind you) by the U.S. Government for school lunches.  Lovely!

Jamie Oliver (that sassy little British firecracker) was the one who NARCed out McDs for using the goop and once they stopped, Burger King and Taco Bell followed suit.

Screw Bono, J. Oliver is gonna save the world!

Well now the Government intends to buy 7 million pounds of the beef trimming/ammonia-treated concoction for the U.S. lunch program.  The slime (originally called soylent pink - so nasty and clever at the same time) is made by grinding together connective tissue and beef scraps normally designed for dog food and rendering and then is treated with ammonia hydroxide.

We don't have this lunch program shit in Canada and I'm not a parent so what the hell do I know but I'd prob start making my little munchkin lunch if I were you guys...who wants to feed their kid something that may eventually kill them?  So whack.    

Throw some tuna on some bread...little mayo, little tomato on there...

And to the U.S. Government - Knock it off - you're being an asshole.

Image Via www.homeescapade.com

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