Lindsay Lohan is a Free Bitch! (Pretty Much)

She did it!!!  Everybody DRINK!

Lindsay is finally off probation for the endless 2007 DUI case and is now on informal probation (in lieu of formal) for snatching that cheap looking gold necklace.

Informal probation means she just has to knock off the fuckery and obey all laws for 2 and a 1/2 years.  Now, for a normal person this is pretty easy to do, for Lindsay...

Giiiirl!  She just can't keep her hand out the cookie jar!

I'm not damning her back to jail yet, but I'm also not going to ignore the fact that every time she gets out she does something to get thrown back in.

The judge ended the court hearing by telling Blohan to "Stop nightclubbing and focus on [her] work."

What work?

Oh right!  She has an upcoming TV biopic about Liz Taylor coming out.  Producers had been worried that because she's a fucking criminal she has a record us Canucks wouldn't let her in.  (We have strict laws against letting people with criminal records into the country.  We're afraid they'll steal our poutine recipe or something.)

She got the green light the moment she finished schlepping up at the morgue for the last time and Canuck authorities signed off.

We don't really want her, honestly.  But I suppose we'll take her for a bit as an apology for sending you guys Justin Bieber.

We're even now.

I am a master of foreign relations!

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