2 Broads Took a Snatch Shot of an Old Lady and Put it On Facebook - Now Facing 5 Years in Jail

And the woman who took the actual photo of the poor old lady worked in the old age home she lives in!

Such...an asshole.

Here's what went down > Two New Jersey women were charged with invasion of privacy last Friday after posting an x-rated pic of an old woman to Facebook.  The woman who worked at the home was Helian Williams - she took the offending shot with her cell phone and then sent it to her (probably ex) friend.  The idiot friend then posted it to Facebook.

Who does that?

The facility was CareOne in New Jersey and though they boast of their "refined decor", "elegant accomodations" and the assurance that they will treat old fogies with "dignity" on their website, I wouldn't send MY ma there!  She's Filipino and they are SUPERPRUDES!  She would just DIE if a muff shot got out!

The two dumbasses were obviously caught and Williams was fired.  They are both facing the invasion of privacy charge which carries a five-year sentence and $15k fine.

People can be so effin' rude!

Image Via  www.metro.us.com

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