This Guy Has "Sex" with his Car Because He's His "Girlfriend"

Oh shiz!  It never stops!

Check out this cheap trick from TLC's season premiere of My Strange Addiction and his "mate" (AKA CAR! Chase, yes a male name.  Though dude talks about the car like Chase is a woman.) The actual embedded clip is of when he tells his dad about the relationship.  Poor daddy!  He's all like, "Was it because I wasn't around enough?"

LOL - "it mostly involves rubbing against it."  Aw dude!

But whatevs, to each his own.  If this guy wants to whack it in his ride and call Chase his girlfriend who am I to judge?

Episode is on tonight at 10pm EST on TLC.  Good lookin' out, eh?  I always have my ear to the ground people...my ear to the ground.

Image Via www.tlc.discovery.com

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