Some Dirtbag Chick Got Busted Making Meth INSIDE a Walmart

Wow!  Say what you will about that but that is...

Bold!  (Meth jazz hands!)

Now admittedly, most of my meth knowledge comes from when I watch episodes of Intervention to feel better about my life so I'm not going to pretend I know what was going on in this hot mess' mind but she MUST have been desperate - Homegirl was in the Tulsa Walmart for 6 hours making meth before anyone noticed her doing some seriously shady shit next to the Pringles!  6 HOURS!!!  Bitch should get a job!  Thems workin' hours!

When police were called, Methy McBigBalls (Elizabeth Halfmoon), told them she was "too broke" to buy the chemicals (aw!) and had simply been trying to whip up a fresh batch to take home but sadly, she told cops, she's just not "very good at it."

Ha!  Then why the FUCK would you think you could get away with trying to make it at noon...in a Walmart...on a Thursday!?!  Practice that shit up at your druggie man's trailer before you go messin' around in public!  There were kids there, man!  She could've blown them all up!

KABOOM!!!  Selfish asshole meth-head explosion!

She has priors (meth-related - go figure) so she'll prob be going away for a bit - oh and get this!  Some doucher got caught at the EXACT same Walmart a whiles back with an "active meth lab" in his backpack!  Holy Methmart!

In any event, the store is located at 81st and Lewis in Tulsa - I recommend staying away from it (and any Walmart for that matter.  What the hell kind of bastard store has a 20-item express lane?!?  That's so fucked up!)

And while I'm doling out words of wisdom, y'all need to stay offa that damn whore drug meth!  IT RUINS LIVES!

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