Oh No! Hugh Hefner's Son Allegedly Smacked His Playmate Girlfriend

Well, that's no good...

The New York Post is reporting that Marston Hefner - Hugh's eldest son - was arrested for misdemeanor domestic abuse last night after an incident where he allegedly hit his girlfriend Claire Sinclair (2011 Playmate of the Year.)

I remember seeing them both on that T and A fest The Girls Next Door or Holly or something back in the day but only for a cameo.  Marston wasn't exactly all Thug Life and seemed more bookish than anything...but you never know.  It's her word against his right now.  He admits to arguing with her but denies hitting her even though police reported seeing visible injuries including bruises on Sinclair.

He was released on $20k bail.  (He can prob thank Lindsay's busted up tittays for that one, Playboys ain't exactly flying off shelves since the internet started mainlining that shit straight into our laptops.)

Hope she's okay.

UPDATED 14/02/12:  Sinclair has filed a restraining order against the junior heir.  TMZ released this pic today.  It's sad to see the actual picture...makes me want to throw up on Chris Brown's Grammy a little bit.

Image Via www.vegasnews.com

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