Nefarious Cat Killer in UK Claims 34th Feline Victim

ACK!  Cat killer!?!?!  Who kills cats?  Cats are the BEST!  I wub cats.

Well, some asshat in Somerset is doing just that!  I HATE HIM OR HER (but prob him, boys are weird.)

Ginger-furred little Fudge is the latest victim of this nefarious sonofabitch who goes around poisoning cats with anti-freeze laced chicken.

LOOK AT HIM!  Magnificent bastard!

Anyways, causing unnecessary harm to an animal will gitcha > 6 months in jail and a 20,000 pound fine under the Animal Welfare Act.

To my UK readers, there's quite a few of ya - Do us all a favor and keep yer peepers open for some poohead skulking around kitty cats with cute names like Fudge wielding blue chicken in their hands.  Help throw his ass in the clink.

(RIP Fudge.  I get it, you just wanted some chicken, man...you just wanted some chicken.)

Images Via www.dailymail.co.uk

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