Madonna Versus Boob Enthusiast Joe Francis

Ugh - douchebaggery at its finest!  Like really, dude?  She could crush you with one swift vogue you MF!  Recognize!

Basically, TMZ is reporting that Joe Francis is being a dumbass about Madonna's new song, Girls Gone Wild, and has sent a C and D letter threatening to sue her if she sings it at the Superbowl on Sunday.  His lawyer (also apparently a dumbass) says in the letter that Madonna and her "co-conspirators" are trying to get a "...free ride on the valuable consumer goodwill and brand recognition" of his trademark.    

Bitch should counter-sue him for being a fucktard - really!  She's Madonna, mofo!  Brand recognition?  She goes by one name!  ONE NAME!  Show some goddamn respect, man!

Frankly, as far as I can tell he's just some rich prick who makes shitty titty vids.  (Sometimes a rhyme helps.)

Anyways, he says he'll chill out if she agrees to the following:

Madonna hasn't commented, but her statement really should include the words fuck and you.  Just sayin'. 

Title Image Via www.usmagazine.com
Post Image Via www.tmz.com

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