Jwoww and Snooki's Spin Off Lands in Jersey City - With a Few Rules ...

Remember a while back when the mayor of Hoboken pretty much took all Snooki's pickles away and threw them at her and Jwoww screaming NOT IN MY CITY, BITCHES! told MTV to go screw themselves when they needed a place to film Jwoww and Snooki's new show?

Well, no worries!  TMZ is reporting that Jersey City has agreed to sign a filming permit for the show however, they want cops on the two drunky drunks 24-7!

They want four coppers stationed at their home at ALL times, cops will stay with them whenever they leave the house and if MORE cops are needed to trail the two - MTV has to pony up the extra costs to the city.

Sounds pretty lame ass to me!  They're not public enemy number one or anything for fuck's sakes!

And not for nothing, but since Other Snooki joined the show, I feel like Snooks has gotten all sorts of SLOPPY!  Sure, she was always a hot damn mess, but she's pissin' herself now and shit...come on, now!

Production starts later this month.  Good luck ladies!  (And Jersey City!)

Image Via www.mikedoe.net

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