Reality Tea Nabs Some Damning Pics that Kourtney and Kim Take New York is Faked

Hahaha!  Well, if that ain't a bitch!

Yesterday, Reality Tea posted some pretty gnarly pics of Queen Kim and Pimpmama Kris leaving a studio after what looks like they had RE-FILMED the limo scene in Dubai (from last week's ep) and they look pretty legit to me!

Here's the pics:

Image Via www.realitytea.com

What a bunch of fake bitches!

I'm not gonna pretend here that these shows are pure reality but re-shooting scenes for sympathy?  The hell is that about?  Usually these shows are edited to all hell in terms of creating drama - not in terms of diffusing shitty PR moves.  But Kim needs help, yo!  She needs to look like she actually gave a shit about her marriage and it was Humphries who was the dumb bastard who ruined everything!!!  She tried everyone, she swears!!!  If not at the time, at least during re-shoots lol!  That should count for something!!!  Pfft...

Too bad poor duhdeduh Humphries couldn't re-shoot his shit.  Dude is coming off all sorts douchey!  A whiles back Kris had claimed the show was fake - this was sort of why I'm tuning in (aside from Scott who I gotta admit cracks me up!) - but I guess he forgot that this is Kim K's world man, we just live in it.

Image Via www.hollywoodreporter.com  

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