Paramedic Sexually Assaults Women on Way to Hospital

Oh that's real nice, idiot!  Jesus!

Some horny perv asshole paramedic in Connecticut, Mark Powell, is being charged with sexually assaulting a women when she drank too much, hit her head and was in the back of his ambulance.

He basically grabbed her boobs and fingered her while she was restrained.


Though she was drunk she knew what was goin' on and reported the sickie.  He (after some denying it like a mofo) finally copped to being a sick fucking pervert - but not before he tried to talk his dumbass out of it.

Powell defended the boob grab by saying that he was pinching her nipples to "apply pain stimuli as he'd seen nurses do in the hospital" and in defense of the fingerbanging, Powell said "I just diddled it."

I just diddled it?  What the fucking fuck is that?  Christ!  If you're gonna lie at least lie well!

He was charged with sexual assault and for unlawful restraint.

Throw his ass in jail!  Let the sistas in there show him what real diddling is...


Image Via www.msnbc.msn.com

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