R. Kelly Wrote 32 New Chapters to Trapped in the Closet

That seems...unnecessary.

And a little excessive!

So apparently we haven't seen R. Kelly rippin' around lately because he's been home writing stupid new lyrics to his Hip Hopera, Trapped in the Closet - now he just needs the Benjamins to make the video.

Seriously!  Did this damn thing need more chapters?  Let alone 32 new chapters!  Fucking thing's longer than the Bible - and pretty much just as boring! 

It will join the other 22 mindless chapters in the series if he can get some sucker to fund this hot mess.  Says the sexual urinator, "...it costs a lot of money to do ... so we're actually looking for investors."
Whatever dude.  You pissed on a girl.

Image Via www.rkellyforum.com

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