Mob Wives Season 2 Supertrailer - 4 Min Video

Oh shiz!  This is gonna be AWESOME!

I started watching Mob Wives as it sounded similar to Real Housewives and I'm also a pretty huge mafia/true crime junkie...this shit sounded amazing to me.  I'm all sittin' here, being awesome, thinking to myself this is going to be housewives with handguns, fishnets and flasks, seedy clubs and even seedier people...

So I tuned in...

And wow!  The show didn't disappoint!  And though I could totally do without the self-absorbed Mafia Princess 'tude about how it shouldn't matter what crimes their families committed because people should think about how putting a criminal away affects the prisoner's kids, the show at its core is quite poignant at times and seems genuine in its dynamic.  That being said, check out this totally badass trailer for next season...if I thought things were hairy season one, I didn't have a clue!

And here's some juicy gossip that's not in the trailer > Turns out Jr. (Renee's ex-hubby she can't get over) even wore a wire and put her father back in the clink!  Yes, Rene was married to a rat!  Gnarly! 

And who is this Ramona?  Rawr!

Screengrab Via www.youtube.com

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