NFLer Warren Sapp Went Bankrupt - Is Now Unloading Copious Amounts of Air Jordans

Anybody need any new kicks?

Warren Sapp, a 13 year NFL career player and Super Bowl champ, went tits up last month and is now unloading some of his swag...  TMZ sez >

"According to the [bankruptcy] docs, Sapp owes more than $6.7 million to various creditors ... including hundreds of thousands of dollars in child support payments and alimony to at least 4 different baby mamas.
Among the debts, Sapp says he owes $853k to the IRS for 2006 and another $89k for 2010. Sapp says he also owes $2,858 in medical bills for 'Corrective Speech and Language Therapy.'"

"Sapp says he only has $6.45 million to his name ... and lists all of his assets in the documents ... which include:

-- 240 pairs of Jordan sneakers and sandals
-- Large Nude women painting
-- Lion skin rug (female - lioness)
-- Nike golf clubs
-- De Grisogono watch (scratch on crystal, nicks and scratches on band)
-- A boxing glove signed by Muhammad Ali"

Um...anyone catch that second one there?  LOL!  I wonder how large it is...

He would've listed his two championship rings but the gomer lost them (so he says - seems fishy to me!)  He currently works as a sports analyst making about $45K a month but apparently he can't live on that.


Anyways - here's the kicks - Jordans were hot shit when I was a kid but I'm not so sure that the Bieber generation even knows what the hell they are.  Good luck with the auction!  Hope you find your rings ;)  

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