Patti Stanger is a Crazy Bitch who Probably Slapped a Crew Member

In her angry ass, abrasive, brunette defense though, she allegedly slapped them in the arm...

I was totally picturing some Dynasty face slappin' from back in the day but alas, no dice.

An "insider" supposedly told Jill Zarin's buddy Rob Schuter at HuffPo that, "Patti slapped someone on the arm when she got annoyed...this was a member of the production crew.  This is very serious and conversations are being had about firing Patti and cancelling her show."

DO IT!!!

I don't know how the hell people watch this chick - I have nothing against assholes (Hell, been called one myself from time to time) but bitch goes too far.  She's the worst kind of mean, and she's mean for ratings which is just sooo gross.

Bravo had no comment.

Image Via www.diaryofahollywoodstreetking.com


  1. She is horrible - now does she get any clients she just screams at them with that shrill voice.

  2. I never comment on anything....but she is the exception. Really?.how does she advise ppl how to marry a millionaire. Is she married? What abt not being a gold digger and making ur own money
    Someone needs to buy her a real mirror and throw away the funny mirror. She wants to pick wen apart when shes ugly as hell. Looks like plain drabby hair. Black hair color from walmart. No hair style. And her face..sorry. u just cant fix ugly.
    My lord, she looks like mick jagger on crack. She sjould be hiding under a bridge instead of bashing women that look better than her