That Beautiful 40lb Bastard Meow the Cat is Dead

Um FROWNY FACE to the max!  How sad is this shit?

Can I get a collective AWWW???

Meow, the fat cat that stole everyone's food hearts last month, has passed away from complications with his morbid obesity on Saturday.

At the ripe old age of two, Meow's owner had fattened him up more than Xtina on a buffet binge and when she was unable to care for him (she was all old and shit - 87) she gave him to a shelter.  They tried to put his ass on a kitty diet but alas, after losing only a couple of LBs the poor guy's clogged up heart gave out and he let go one last wheezy meeeoooorrwww.

RIP buddy!  This world was never meant for one as beautiful as you.

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