Justin Bieber Threw Down With a Pap

Yesterday afternoon, Justin Bieber got into it with a pap and now the coppers are launching an investigation naming him as a suspect!

Ack!  We're peacekeepers up in Canada!!!  What has L.A. done to our little girl boy!?!

Allegedly, he was trying to get his mall on with that sassy little minx Selena Gomez when a pap tried to take his pic.  He may or may not have been blocking Justin's car as well (witnesses corroborate that he was) - either way - the pap says that JB got all thug life on him and now his chest hurts and he can't stalk celebs anymore...


Justin and Selena took off before the cops arrived.

After the scuffle, Gloria Allred an ambulance chaser approached the pap and told him to file the report (witnesses also corroborate this) so that he could "get a lot of money out of the incident."

JB ain't commenting to the media but the cops are looking for their own comment (in the form of a statement) and he should prob just tell them what went down because his ass is pretty easy to find I imagine.

TMZ nabbed a pic of the ordeal (below.)

So - I only have two questions >

One - What in the goddamn hell are those pants about that he is wearing?  and Two - Where the fuck is Justin's other shoe???

Image Via www.celebritynewsandstyle.ca

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