Baby Born with Six Legs in Pakistan


Bad news is this kid was born with six legs...

Good news is that he has just had a successful surgery to remove the extra limbs...

Poor little guy is still fighting for his life though!  Aw!

Doctors say that a birth like this is most likely the result of parasitic twins (basically one twin begins developing but then doesn't "break away" from the other one).  Evidently, it can make surgery a real bitch because it's hard to tell whose limbs belong to who.

So weird!

The father, who is poor, tries to visit his son some 280 miles north from where he and his wife (who is also his COUSIN) live but it's hard due to travel costs.

Now, I'm not going to dooo what everyone thinks I'm going to do here and put inbreds on blast in a tirade of fairly obvious jokes.  No, I'm not concerned at all that this kid's parents are cousins - Not a lick.

When there's a six-legged baby in the mix struggling to survive, it just don't seem right!

Feel better baby who was born with too many legs!    

Image Via www.thedailymail.co.uk

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