Dustin Zito Still Defending Gay For Pay Porn Past

For what seems like the fiftieth damn time Real World Vegas hottie Dustin Zito explains why he was banging guys for a paycheque on the now notorious Fratmen site and what his thoughts are on the gay-for-pay sitch these days.  Here's some tidbits from the Us Weekly interview...

Apparently, Zito says he didn't think anyone would find out about his work on the website Fratmen.tv.  Says Zito, "[The site was] going to take care of me. And I was like 'This is a small website. It doesn't even end in dot-com.'"  Interesting point Zito, go on...

He didn't tell his roomies because, "I wanted them to get to know me first.  I was going to tell Heather so we could deal with it together.  If I had come out with it like a man, it wouldn't have been what it is."  Deal with it together?  You sucked off a bunch of dudes on camera, man!  What does she have to deal with?  Besides dealing with your fool ass.  PS - Not saying there's anything wrong with doing porn really but you should tell your woman if you've had 36 random dicks in your mouth...that's just good sense!

Zito still insists he did it because he had nothing else going for him..."All my friends had gone to college, but I couldn't afford it, and I couldn't find a cool job.  Fratmen called me with this offer. I was paid, and they also paid for my flight, my meals, my clothes…I was like 'All you want me to do is get naked and be in this video? Jesus, this sounds too good to be true."  I like how he says "be in this video" as opposed to "give my roommates head on a website for the whole fucking world to watch."  See what he did there?  We writers call that semantics.  There's your lesson for the day.      

He went on to say that even though he was giving mad oral he didn't think he was "getting into hot water."

"The site doesn't make you look sleazy. It's sort of classy.  The videos are shot cinematically.  People think I was manipulated? People are crazy! I made my own decisions. If I could go back, I probably would have done the same thing."

Yes, porn is very cinematic!  Heavens yes!  Call Spielberg and get his ass in here to do Banging MILFs Part 5 ASAP!  Pfft!  Give it a rest, dude.

Pick up the current issue of Us Weekly for the full interview. 

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